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Solchar is the UK market leader in scalable imaging solutions – we help organisations to digitally transform and manage transactional documents through our cheque scanners and processing software.

Solchar create imaging solutions to capture and process documents for the payments industry. We specialise in cheque, credit and transactional documents that are used primarily by banks, building societies, local authorities, corporate businesses and the charity sectors.
Cheque payments are undergoing revolutionary change in the UK where the new Image Clearing System enables faster clearing of funds for organisations.
Maximise the operational enhancements afforded by the new payment technologies and learn how cheque scanners from Solchar can create solutions that deliver lasting and profitable benefits for your organisation.

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  • Adapts to you

    Whether your business receives cheques, vouchers, postal orders, BGCs, or all of these, Transaction Journal can manage them for you. Paper payments and all special documentation can be scanned, linked and recorded in the searchable database.
  • Charities aid foundation

    Managing donations received in the form of CAF vouchers can be a real challenge. Often manually recorded, they rarely form part of the otherwise tight financial controls that you have strived to establish. Transaction Journal solves this, and other problems, by scanning and recording not only cheques, but any form of paper-based donation.
  • Gift aid

    Transaction Journal records the donor’s wish to give gift aid, as well as images of their authorising letter, ensuring you can always present the necessary proof when called for. A simple tick box in Transaction Journal marks a donation as qualifying for gift aid. You can then search by this field, report on all qualifying donations and produce accompanying documentation on demand.
  • End-to-end solution

    All the way from initial receipt through to final clearing, Transaction Journal supports the many work types that make up cheque management in your organisation. And, thanks to complete records and an audit trail, queries can be resolved instantly even when cheques are out of sight.
  • Role-based permissions

    Controlled access to information is a cornerstone of compliance. Transaction Journal’s role-based permissions ensure that only the right people can perform critical actions. Compliance with policies and regulation is assured and the chance for errors minimised.
  • Split values

    Transaction Journal supports split values natively in the application, letting you allocate values wherever they need to go and removing the need for manual record keeping or add lists.
  • Same day banking

    Transaction Journal separates cheque processing and account procedures. This allows you to dispatch scanned cheques to the bank and process them into accounts later.

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