Save hundreds of man hours with Transaction Journal

Scan and process entire batches of cheques in seconds. After you quickly validate the amounts, produce proof of deposit at the click of a button and you’re done.

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Works with leading scanner brands

Reduce financial risk

Eliminate Data Entry Errors

Manually keying cheque details into spreadsheets equals data entry errors. With Transaction Journal, all hand-written and printed information is captured automatically for the user to validate, meaning data entry errors are eliminated.

Improve Cash Flow

Cheques lying around the office waiting to be processed are bad for business. With Transaction Journal, even large volumes of payments can be processed and sent for clearing and collection quickly, meaning the money is in your bank account sooner.

Keep Perfect Records

Accounting is notorious for its record keeping requirements. With Transaction Journal you have a perfect record of every cheque that passes through your organisation. This record can be searched and submitted for audit.

Improve the customer experience

Offer your customers higher levels of service, and faster order turnaround, by processing and managing both payments and queries quickly, even in the event of original document loss.

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Technically gifted

Dual-sided image capture

Integration between software and scanner makes capturing both sides of every cheque fast and error free.

Optical character recognition

Capture hand-written and printed data automatically, including code line info and courtesy amounts.

Pick your scanner

Transaction Journal is integrated with a wide range of scanner brands, leaving you to pick the one most suited to your needs.

On premise or in the cloud

Transaction Journal can run on our servers or yours, giving you the flexibility to choose the implementation that best meets your needs.

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