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Saving you time and money when processing cheques and paper payments

Are you ready to eliminate errors from your paper payments processing and make significant savings at the same time? If so, Transaction Journal is the right software solution for you.

Transaction Journal is completely scalable, growing to any size in support of your business, and accelerates your payment processing while eliminating the risk of errors.

Transaction Journal combines a versatile range of document scanners with Solchar’s industry leading payment processing software.

The Transaction Journal Client captures and stores images of both sides of any paper payment. Simultaneously, it records code line data on cheques and reads any handwriting using sophisticated, built-in optical character recognition.

Once captured, data is instantly secure and searchable. Proof of deposit (complete with images) can be produced at the click of a button, instantly improving your relationship with banking providers. Document losses, whenever they occur, can be rectified in moments using the powerful search functionality of Transaction Finder, completely removing financial risk.

Save hundreds of man hours

Transaction Journal instantly automates paper payment processing, cutting the time required to manage it to a fraction. It even integrates with your existing financial or accounting systems making re-keying of data obsolete.

Eliminate financial risk

Transaction Journal completely eliminates the possibility for erroneous data entry. It also provides users with tools to quickly identify and rectify problems stemming from misplaced or lost payment items.

Improve cash flow

Transaction Journal can quickly process and send even large volumes of payments for clearing and collection. Your liquidity is maximised and cash flow improved.

Totally user friendly

Transaction Journal is so easy to use that your staff can be fully trained and comfortable on the system within hours. The move to Transaction Journal is smooth and the system can begin paying for itself within the same day as it is installed.

Works with any paper payment

Transaction Journal not only streamlines the processing of cheques, it can be adapted to work with absolutely any type of paper based payment. Whether you receive cheques, vouchers, postal orders or any other type of credit, Solchar can configure Transaction Journal to exactly match your requirements.

Completely secure

A full suite of procedure and permission controls, along with a complete audit trail ensure that security is maintained and the opportunity for fraud is minimised.

Enhance your reputation

Offer your customers a higher level of service and faster order turnaround by processing and managing payments and queries quickly, even in the event of original document loss.

Example Transaction Journal Screens

Transaction Finder: Date Search

Transaction Finder: Detail View

TJ Proof of Deposit

 Transaction Journal is ridiculously easy to use. 

Roy Morey
Wiltshire Farm Foods Newbury